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McPhail Fuel Company specializes in propane delivery for vineyards, dairies, greenhouse growers and more. We have a depth of knowledge on how to set you up with the best system for your business. Want to know more? Ask for a quote today!

Full service for your farm, dairy, vineyard & more. Delivering clean burning propane to power everything you need to keep your business in business!:

  • Installation & Service for Lodges, Restaurants, Business and More
  • Commercial Appliance Repair
  • Remote Tank Monitoring
  • Cylinder Rental, Exchange & Delivery
  • Propane Dispenser Delivery & Service
  • Dock Services Available
  • Forklift Cylinder Cages and On-Site Refueling
  • Employee Safety Training Programs
  • Industrial Motor Fuel
  • Industrial Burners
  • Portable Hand Torches

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    Remote Tank Monitoring

    McPhail Fuel Company has recently introduced an exciting new technology: remote tank monitors.  These monitors provide propane tank level information best suited for some of our intermittent use and second home customers.  All the necessary equipment will be conveniently installed outside your home at the tank location.


    A unit equipped with cellular service wirelessly transmits tank information periodically. It also transmits when an abnormal pattern or event is detected.

    Using this accurate, current information, McPhail’s can track your usage and schedule a delivery when you need it the most.


    • Immediate notification of a low tank level or significant change of usage
    • Ability to remotely program the monitoring unit in order to meet your specific needs
    • Help reduce the frequency of propane deliveries to your home
    • Conveniently view your current propane level remotely just by logging in over the internet

    Tank Monitor FAQ's

    I'm on Automatic Refill. Why would I want a tank monitor?

    Our goal is to provide exceptional service at an affordable price. To meet this objective, McPhail Fuel Company needs to be as efficient as possible. By installing a monitor, you help us deliver the optimal amount of propane to your tank, which helps us to control our costs and keep your price per gallon as low as possible. Also, customer usage patterns sometimes change. For example, adding a gas appliance such as a gas water heater or fireplace insert can increase your propane consumption. Discontinuing use of wood or pellet-burning stoves can have the same results. Therefore, a monitor can provide immediate visibility into changed conditions and the additional reassurance that you will receive timely deliveries and not run out of propane.

    Do you need access to our home?

    No. Unlike other monitoring systems, there will be no requirement for McPhail Fuel Company to install a console in your home or tap into your phone line. Toggle content goes here, click edit button to change this text.

    Will it work with an underground tank?

    Yes. Our tank monitoring system will work with aboveground or underground tanks.

    How much does the monitoring cost?

    Please call our office for pricing and to discuss purchase vs. leasing options.

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    Order Propane for Your Home or Business Today!

    Ordering is easy! We accept orders by phone (707) 285-3525 or (415) 285-3525 , email and online.

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