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The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) has incentives available to California propane customers who have a safe, professional installation of a propane appliance. Click here for the rebate application WHAT PROPANE APPLIANCE INSTALLATIONS ARE ELIGIBLE? The following safe appliance installations are eligible: • Clothes dryer – $100 rebate • Furnace – $300 • Hearth appliance/fireplace insert – $300 • Stove/oven/cooktop – $200 • Water heater (tank or tankless) – $300 • Generator (for residential use
There are steps you can take to keep propane safe when a wildfire is approaching. Propane & Wildfire Safety   FEMA-Wildfire Safety  
The COVID-19 Epidemic has affected our communities resulting in reductions in businesses workforce and in some cases business closures.  If you have been impacted by business reductions or closures and would like to discuss alternative payment options please contact our office at 707-285-3525 or 415-285-3525.   There are also Federal, State & County funded assistance programs that offer assistance.  Below are some helpful links to additional resources:   The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
With the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the center of attention, many of us feel anxious and/or worried about yourself or your family members contracting COVID-19 or spreading it to others.  McPhail Fuel Company is committed to providing a hygienic and safe workplace; both inside our offices and in the field.  In efforts to prevent further infection, we have reminded our employees to follow and practice the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.  Below
With potential electrical outages due to high fire danger, and winter storms, many customers are adding back up electricity. Keep the lights on, the food cold and most importantly, your cell phone charged! Propane is the energy of choice to power most generators. We have multiple tank sizes available for many installation set ups. Whether a home or business, we have the right tank for your needs! Rebates are available :