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Darn critters

Posted by Nicole Turner on  June 22, 2021
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So yes if you have ever wondered if a varmit of some sort can eat through a poly (plastic) gas line…… This customer had the line recently installed and tested for leaks, inspected and signed off at the County. We set and filled the tank and put them in service. Two weeks later the tank was empty! What? How? We did the leak test for the out of gas and it failed, on a brand

Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Posted by Nicole Turner on  March 24, 2021
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With the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) at the center of attention, many of us feel anxious and/or worried about yourself or your family members contracting COVID-19 or spreading it to others.  McPhail Fuel Company is committed to providing a hygienic and safe workplace; both inside our offices and in the field.  In efforts to prevent further infection, we have reminded our employees to follow and practice the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommendations.  Below

Spring time is earthquake valve season

Posted by Nicole Turner on  March 21, 2021
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Winter ends…….the grass grows……and the weed whippers come out! Anyone (especially Marin!) who has a seismic shut off device should be aware of where it is and what it looks like. The shut off device can be easily triggered by a good bump. When this happens the gas stops flowing which in many cases requires a service technician to restart appliances. Take a few extra moments when landscaping, or even the kiddos playing in the

Safety first!

Posted by Nicole Turner on  February 28, 2021
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Our friends from Rancho Adobe and Rohnert Park Fire stopped by to learn all about our yard and propane set up. From how to use the emergency shut off valves to our fire monitor which can shoot water over our storage tanks! We love supporting and working with our local firefighters to keep everyone propane safe!

Wildfire Safety

Posted by Nicole Turner on  August 21, 2020
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There are steps you can take to keep propane safe when a wildfire is approaching. Propane & Wildfire Safety   FEMA-Wildfire Safety