Safe Appliance Rebate

Safe appliance rebate.

The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) has incentives available to California propane customers who have a safe, professional installation of a propane appliance.

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The following safe appliance installations are eligible:

• Clothes dryer – $100 rebate
• Furnace – $300
• Hearth appliance/fireplace insert – $300
• Stove/oven/cooktop – $200
• Water heater (tank or tankless) – $300
• Generator (for residential use ONLY) 7kW to 50kW – $500

Installations must take place in California and be inspected by a propane marketer with operations in California.

A safety inspection must be performed by a participating
propane marketer after the installation of each new qualifying propane appliance/generator and the result of that
inspection must be documented on the application form**.  Please contact the office directly to schedule your safety check*
**Please review the application for all requirements to participate in the program**
*Contact office regarding any labor charge for safety inspection*