Agricultural Propane

McPhail Fuel Company supplies agricultural propane.

Benefits Of Using Propane

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We Supply Propane for Agricultural Business

McPhail Fuel Company has a long and distinguished history of serving the propane needs of Northern California agricultural business – from the smallest concerns to the largest. All get the same tremendous service at competitive rates from our talented team of professionals.

McPhail Fuel Company is ready to address your agricultural propane questions or schedule a propane delivery at any time. One interaction is all it takes to recognize our commitment to customer satisfaction is unparalleled. It has been for more than a century.

Full-Service for Farms, Dairies, Vineyards & More

McPhail Fuel Company delivers clean burning propane to power everything you need to keep your business in business!

With an incredibly knowledgeable team and a history stretching back longer than the competition has been in business, McPhail Fuel Company is the right choice for all your agricultural propane needs in Northern California. Give us call or complete a contact form to learn more!

McPhail Fuel Company delivers agricultural propane.

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McPhail's Remote Tank Monitoring

McPhail Fuel Company has recently introduced an exciting new technology for our agricultural propane customers: remote tank monitors. These monitors provide propane tank level information which can be extremely helpful for intermittent use and second home customers. Don’t worry – it’s unintrusive. All the necessary equipment will be conveniently installed outside your home at the tank location.

Impressive Propane Technology

Our expert will install a unit equipped with cellular service which wirelessly transmits tank information periodically to the McPhail’s team. It also transmits any abnormalities or events to keep you safe and your system secure.

With this information in our possession, McPhail’s can track usage and schedule deliveries right when you need them. Plus, we can spot issues before they cost you money!

Remote Tank Monitoring Benefits

Remote propane tank monitoring by McPhail Fuel Company

Tank Monitor FAQ's

Remote tank monitoring does more than ensure your tank is never empty. It can catch usage changes or problems that you might miss.

No. Unlike other monitoring systems, there’s no requirement for McPhail Fuel Company to install a console in your home or tap into your phone line. All the work is done externally.

Yes. Our tank monitoring system is designed specifically to will work with aboveground or underground tanks. It’s the perfect solution for just about any tank.

The costs for remote propane tank monitoring from McPhail Fuel Company vary. We recommend contacting our office to discuss pricing and purchase vs. leasing options.

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